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Ashley Nickloes for Congress

About Ashley

Faith. Family. Service.

Ashley Nickloes for Congress

Ashley Nickloes serves in the Tennessee Air National Guard and the U. S. Air Force as a KC- 135R Stratotanker Aircraft Commander, with the current rank of Lt. Colonel. Ashley also serves in the National Guard Bureau as the Deputy Director of NGB Patriot North and South Exercises, where she concurrently trains military and civilian entities to respond to disasters. Ashley’s roots are deeply planted in Knoxville and East Tennessee. Her father’s family hails from Oneida, TN. He served in the Tennessee Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve, retiring as a Major after 20 years.

Why is Ashley Running?

A strong, secure America needs its leadership in Washington that does its job and does it well - Washington does not need more career politicians.

Ashley’s commitment to the strength and security of America has led her to launch a campaign to represent the 2nd District of Tennessee in the U. S. House of Representatives. She believes America’s greatness, today and tomorrow, is built on guaranteeing that her children’s generation, and those that follow, have the opportunity to achieve the American dream and raise their families in a nation that is prosperous, secure, and free.

Ashley believes the career politicians that have made a mess of American politics should no longer be trusted with leading this nation forward. Public service is not about permanently holding one office or the other, constantly looking for the next campaign. Ashley’s service in the military has provided powerful lessons that are fundamentally rooted in doing your job and doing it well - because your unit and its members, indeed your nation, is relying on you to do so.

Contribute to the Cause

Ashley Nickloes is a member of the U. S. Air Force Reserves and Tennessee Air National Guard. Use of her military rank, job titles, information, and photographs in uniform does not imply an endorsement by the National Guard Bureau, the Department of the Air Force, or the Department of Defense.